ADC Group is a publishing company based in Milan providing online and paper products to people working in advertising, marketing, the media and events. Furthermore ADC provides multi-subject contents on behalf of third parties.

The ADC mission is to give companies investing in communication the most innovative info tools for choosing their partners better and communicating most effectively with their targets.

To achieve this ADC uses the click, paper & Events strategy, which offers the web for daily news, interactivity and immediacy, the paper for fuller information, learning and insight and the events for encouraging the matching between demand and offer

ADC offers its users the chance to explore the most important issues in the communication world above and beyond the line thanks to a set of publications that have become indispensable tools for getting oriented in the complex communication world. ADC publications are distributed in 10,000 copies to all the managing directors, marketing and communication managers of Italian companies.

Click products

  • Number of registered subscribers: 20,000
  • Monthly page views: 571,000
  • Monthly unique users: 116,000
  • Average daily users: 5,300
  • Average page views per user: 4.9

Paper publications are distributed in 10,000 copies to opinion leaders and communication professionals: managing directors, marketing and communication managers of the top Italian companies. The paper products are an extraordinary tool for contacting all sector operators and leading Italian companies in the communication, marketing and advertising worlds.


Editorial department
Editor in chief: Salvatore Sagone


Elena Colombo


Maria Ferrucci


NC - il giornale della Nuova Comunicazione; e20; I Quaderni della Comunicazione


Andrea Parmigiani

mob. +39 340 6211730

Event department & Marketing
Ilaria Scapolo

mob. +39 348 9263816