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Vok Dams has a new client: Montblanc International GmbH

The agency had convinced the company headquartered in Hamburg in the pitch.

It was the concept of Hamburg-based Unit Creative Solutions of Vok Dams, agency for events and live-marketing, that had convinced Montblanc in the pitch.

And thus, the creativity-experts implemented the high-quality client event 'Hamburg Essential Moment 2017' together with Montblanc.

The Montblanc International GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of high-class writing utensils, watches, jewelry and leather goods. The company is headquartered in Hamburg, where approximately 1,000 of the 3,300 employees are based.

Vok Dams Creative Solution is delighted that with Montblanc they were able to add another luxury brand to their portfolio.