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Baltic For Events Forum, the first international forum for event professionals in Northen Europe

Baltic for Events Forum, which will take place on 11-12th May in Tallinn, is a unique networking and live communication platform among event agencies, pr & Communications agencies, event suppliers and event customers.

Forum participants are leading experts and event customers, heads of the largest event agencies of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, as well as other European countries.

There is a 2-day-program and more than 40 international speakers taking part at Baltic For Events, among them:

- Jack Morton Worldwide (Germany)
- Filmmaster Events (Italy)
- (Canada)
- Luxoft (Poland)
- ACT Lighting Design (Belgium)
- Woltti group (Finland)
- A Loud Minotity (Sweden)
- European Best Event Award (EuBea)
- Sila Sveta (Russia)
- Conventa (Slovenia)
More than 30 speakers from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Why is it interesting to participate?

Baltic For Events Forum gives a unique opportunity to:
- Connect directly with potential clients and partners
- Share news, thoughts or ideas with your target audience
Catch up new ideas, know latest innovations and trends for events organization

Why Tallinn?

Tallinn is unique with its atmosphere of modern and medieval. The Old Town is included on the list of Unesco World Heritage sites. At the same time Tallinn is surprisingly modern, with the latest high-tech conveniences always at hand. Tallinn is easy to reach – just a two- to three-hour flight from most European capitals. International airport is just ten minutes away from downtown hotels. Compact layout. All major hotels, event venues, sights, restaurants and shopping is concentrated in the same central area, all within easy walking distance.