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Beauty and running at the presentation of the new Adidas UltraboostX

Celebrities and influencers like Kira Miró, TrendyTaste or Godeliv came to a parking lot in the Spanish capital to discover, in a very creative way, a space in which running and styling experiences were equally important.

A sneaker model for a woman who is an athlete could not neglect the beauty and that trendy touch that characterize events focused on women. For that reason, the event created by Adidas with the help of Arnold Madrid agency counted on experiences of stylism, fashion and beauty.

For example, before starting the training routines, guests could go through a makeup session to show their best looks in the Glam Cam and in the Photobooth that allowed to energize the event and gave them the chance to share their experience on social networks.

Ready and with their new UltraboostX100%, the participants jumped to a futuristic athletics track that was recreated in an underground garage. Accompanied by the official Adidas Running coaches, they tested the possibilities of the new running shoes, their adaptability and fit as indoor training shoes with stretching, squatting and other training sessions.

A day of running and gym to the rhythm of DJ Cristina Tossio that ended with a healthy brunch.