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LiveCom Alliance enforced with International board. Jan Kalbfleisch is the new chairman

Kalbfleisch will be supported by newly appointed board members Ivo Franschitz of Austrian association Emba and Jaime Sanchez of Spanish association Aevea.

LiveCom Alliance represents the prominent European live communication industry by aligning over 700 agencies within the member associations in nine countries. A growing community, building the event industry together. It’s time to take the alliance to the next level. Founder and managing director Maarten Schram, this week in Madrid rewarded as driving force for our industry, handed over the chairman’s gavel. Jan Kalbfleisch, managing director of the German association Famab, took on the role of chairman, supported by newly appointed board members Ivo Franschitz of Austrian association Emba and Jaime Sanchez of Spanish association Aevea.

Maarten Schram (founder and managing director of LiveCom Alliance): "It was a great and inspiring journey to take this conceptual idea of collaboration to reality. Sixteen months have passed and the alliance is still growing strong and heading towards delivering the second edition of the European Industry Survey; capturing the size, insights and trends of our pan-European industry. We are seizing the industries momentum and the alliance is in good shape, so I very confidentially hand over the chairman’s gavel to Jan of Famab (DE), who will be supported by Ivo of EMBA (AT) and Jaime of Aevea (ES). In my position as MD I will diligently and with enthusiasm remain the alliance's 'engine', striving to enlarge the value and impact of our community in the near future. Our priorities are extending our yearly industry survey, creating pitch guidelines and a code of conduct".

Jan Kalbfleisch (managing director Famab): "The world is becoming smaller every day and the markets for our members and their customers are more and more international. There is a lot of potential to improve cooperation on pan-European level. LiveCom Alliance is exactly the right tool for that. In the position of chairman it’s my aim to enlarge our coverage by growth through inviting other associations and make the alliance beneficial for the agencies within our member associations".

Ivo Franschitz (board member Emba): "Our business is about connecting the dots and the people. Building networks and sharing know-how and experiences creates additional knowledge. Key criteria to master our ever-changing business world. I am very much looking forward to joining forces on the board of LiveCom Alliance and taking our live marketing industry to the next level together".

Jaime Sanchez (board member Aevea): "In the context of an increasingly global industry, I believe in the concept of connecting and becoming more vital together. This makes the collaboration within LiveCom Alliance crucial in two ways: due to the impact on our industry of the extensive European legislation and secondly because we believe we urgently need to create a common framework of good practices on a European level. It’s an honor to be part of the board and I have the feeling we are in the right place at the right time".