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Six Gouden Giraffe Event Awards for the best Dutch Eventmarketing

Bizar or maybe even disruptive. Those two words would describe the Dutch Gouden Giraffe Event Award Show, in industrial venue DeFabrique in Utrecht, probably the best. After live pitches of the 16 finalists, during the afternoon in front of the jury as well as 320 interested event professionals, awards were given to events from Accenture, WOMENInc, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Pop Vriend Seeds, the city of Den Bosch and Albert Heijn.

The awardshow itself, with more than 550 guests, started off in an empty hall. With only the 6 awards on stage, two security guys and nothing more but a video with the 16 nominated events on a big screen. After the video all lights turned off. A door opened with just a little bit of light and the sound of some countrystyle music. All 550 guests followed the sound and arrived at a second event accommodation.

With two bars, 5 golden caravans on 5 different stages and an opening speech high up in the sky people all crabbed their phones to shoot pictures and videos of the unusual surroundings. After the opening a bizarre show followed. The show went from caravan to caravan, each stage representing a category. From one of the caravans came fireworks, the other one opened up while a streetorchestra of 55 people popped up. Minutes later 500 balloons came down from the seeling. Dutch snacks were served by famous advertisementstars, etc etc. It was a real awardexperience.

"Today we celebrated the industry of eventmarketing en live communication. Our industry that brings people together, who wouldn’t be together without an event. The industry that creates moments that last in time, to change peoples, departments or even complete companies behaviour. With that we have to realise that the fundamental power of surprising, wondering and WOW-moments delivers the biggest effects and impacts from all the communication - and marketingtools. We are the biggest touchpoint of al marketing- and communicationstrategies", explained Sjoerd Weikamp, from organising media-platform


Category Exhibitions:
Client:  Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Milieu
Agency: EventConsortium
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Categorie Brand Events:
Clients: Stichting Jheronimus Bosch 500, Noordbrabants Museum en de gemeente ’s-Hertogenbosch
Agency: Artishock Events & Marketing
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Categorie Congresses:
Client: WOMENInc.
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​Categorie Internal Events:
Client: Pop Vriend Seeds
Agency: D&B Eventmarketing
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​CategorIe Relationmarketing Events:
Client: Accenture
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PUblic Award (12,5% from 6500 votes)
Allerhande Kerstfestival
Client: Albert Heijn
Agency: Xsaga
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